Thursday, July 24, 2008

With great poetry, also comes great beer.

So no wonder all these open mics sell booze. Welcome to Milwaukee Poetry, hopefully we'll be providing you with a vast variety of useless knowledge and trivia about the Milwaukee poetry scene. However, this is just the first post, so to kick things off here are some over sized pictures that will no doubt take your computer forever to download. Enjoy!

This shady looking building is Linneman's Riverwest Inn, home to the now long running Poet's Monday hosted by Tim "Awesome" Klossum. In the family of the open mic's this one is kind of like your crazy old grampa, minus all the racists comments. For a megur three dollars you can enjoy a crazy hodepodge of poets, and with a feature every week, your brain will walk away stuffed full of delcious prose. A great place for begginers and old school cats alike, you'll find a welcoming enviorment and a great bar, which means its strickly 21 or older. Monday's 7:30.

Originally taking place in the now defunked Mosaic Piano Bar, the tides have rised again. With cheap drink specials and a live band, you'll more than likely see many a drunken poet on stage. Hosted by Joshua The Scribe and backed up by Piano Forte, it has on occasion turned into a full blown party. A good time had by all (21 or older of course) its a nice reminder that poets aren't just nerds afterall. Tuesdays at 9 pm.

Hands down, the biggest open mic in the city of Milwaukee belongs to the Mirmar's Soulfire. Which has not only an adult open mic, but also the teen set. Hosted by the Woman's World Haiku Champion: Darlin Nikki, or the mother of the Milwaukee scene: Dasha Kelly, the large stage and live music make this the place for poets and mcs of all ages. Coming up in early September there will be a number of Homegrown shows, where local poets lose their feature virginity in front of a large audience.....Sexy. Wednesday 7:30 Teen Set. 9:00 Adult Set.

And there you have it, the first post of Milwaukee Poetry. If at any point you thought "Hey, why isnt (fill in the blank) listed on here?" Then send us an email and share the wealth! Hopefully we'll have some of the hosts of these open mics leave their very own posts. So if you've ever considered reading that crumpled up bit of poetry in the back of your notebook PLEASE come on down to any of these amazing open mics. Keep writing and we'll see you next post.
-Milwaukee Poetry